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FB4H tries to make a little difference in the world by way of comedy, raising money for charity, and promoting volunteerism.

Look, we are all guilty of spending too much time on the internet. FB4H acts as a comedic reminder to get away from our computers, to go outside and interact in the real world, to volunteer and make a difference, to remember who our real "friends" are.

Wear an FB4H T-shirt and promote our vision: a world in which volunteering is more important and popular than online social networking websites.

All profits from FB4H T-shirt sales will be donated to charities that aid the homeless. See "Shirts" section of FB4H website for more info.

Buy a shirt. Help the homeless. Promote your volunteer organization on our website and Facebook page. And, all the while, help us poke fun at everyone who is addicted to social networking websites and the internet ... including ourselves.


* FB4H is its own entity and is neither produced nor sponsored by any social networking website.